Are you a new entrepreneur in Gauteng? Have you just recently opened a new business which requires the inclusion of entertainment for children? Or, taking it down to the home area, are you a private household located in the suburbs, looking for a way to your private park located in your very backyard? In that case, I have some good news for you. I'm certain we are most familiar with jungle gyms. In fact, I dare say a lot of yes played on this equipment at one or more points during our childhood. This play equipment - the jungle gym - is recognized internationally by occupational therapists as the leading form of developmental play when it comes to young children. Jungle gyms have been an integral part of the childhood of many South Africans', for a long time, spanning generations.


This play equipment, the jungle gym, was inspired by the idea of young kids learning three-dimensional mathematical principles during the recreational activity of playing on a climbing structure. They can very aptly be described as a playground masterpiece which has been designed with the aim of helping children to create, discover, flourish, learn, imagine and also indulge in make-believe. In this modern times, with the increase in accessibility of mobile devices, which enables children to sit for hours, focused on phone or t.v screens, this equipment is the project solution to help you get your children off the couch. The use of this equipment motivates the child towards social interaction, increasing physical as well as mental fitness levels, stimulating brain development as well as giving their parents a break, which really can't be overrated. All this being said, we are now faced with a question which is, should you hire this equipment or should you buy one?




The jungle gym as a play equipment has been celebrated by a great many people, as the most interesting piece of equipment with which children are free to just be children. Jungle gyms have, for many years, due to varying needs and requirements, undergone huge transformations during the last few years. As opposed to their earlier models, the jungle gyms we have in this modern age, are a completely different ballgame. These days, these jungle gyms which we enjoyed from our childhood, can now very correctly be described as precision engineered, brightly colored works of pure art which boast of features such as balancing poles, barrels, climbing nets, commando nets, drums, forts, double swings, rope ladders, monkey bars, shade canopies, slides, see-saws, step ladders, towers, tyre swings, wooden ramps, tunnels, as well as even a suspension bridge or more. One cannot deny that the wooden and steel jungle gyms we have these days are nothing short of incredible. However, even with that being the case, it does not mean that you have to break the bank in order to acquire one. It doesn't matter what kind of jungle gym you are searching for, be it the wooden one or the steel one, you can visit Jungle Gym World in Gauteng and get good, solid jungle gyms for hire.




We have been in this business, retaining relevance, for more than 20 years, which is an achievement on its own. After such a long time, we are extremely proud of that fact that we are one of the most sought-after jungle gym designers, manufacturers and also, suppliers in the whole of Gauteng. We engage in the production of by far, one of the largest varieties of outdoor adventure play structures and accessories in the whole of South Africa and as such,


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In addition to this, our steel and wooden jungle gyms for hire also come with a one-year breakage warranty and also, they come with maintenance plans, which are optional and last for the duration of the contract.


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It is entirely up to you at that point. We also make deliveries of these jungle gyms to restaurants, hotels, parks, homes, schools, businesses, events as well as private organizations located in Gauteng's main areas including Johannesburg.

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Our jungle gyms can be hired for a minimum period of six months and you are given the option to extend your contract with us, or if you wish, exchange your jungle gym for a newer, different or bigger model.

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